Achieve better results with a more tailored approach...

“Really personal experience. I worked hard and Stef made sure I worked hard and pushed my boundaries. I can not rate her professionalism and dedication to helping you achieve your goals." Louise Smith 

"I would like to recommend Stef Garside as she was my Personal Trainer. Her dedication to her clients and her understanding of their needs is excellent. She sees her clients as a whole and structures the training plan accordingly, she is able to encourage without being too in your face. I needed plenty of help to overcome my fear of looking stupid so I could finally begin working out to make myself healthier, due to Stef I have been able to continue on my own and feel this is down to her guidance. I wish her all the best in the future and if I were to live in her vicinity again I would definately use Stef again." K. Greatbanks

I’ve been training 1 to 1 with Stef for the last 7 months or so and I would thoroughly recommend. So friendly and the most professional and knowledgeable person I’ve come across in this industry. I’ve also been to the group classes and they are so much fun and definitely worth a try.” Hayley Coe

"Stef really wants to see you achieve the goals set and always looking to push you to the absolute max in every session so as to make every one count.I cannot thank her enough and her messaging and dedication to her clients keeps me working as hard as I can in the personal sessions as well as my own sessions . #stefinspires" Jake Gray

“I have been training with Stef @ Fit-Ease since November 2012 during which time I’ve seen amazing results. Having lost 20kgs, I have never felt fitter or healthier, which is all down to Stef’s ability to make training challenging and creative, whether in a group or one-to-one session. Stef’s knowledge and expertise ensures every exercise is performed correctly whilst her motivational skills push me past my limits. If, like me, you strive to improve your fitness and change your life for the better, Stef will help you every step of the way.” Simon Adams, Llandegla

One to One Personal Training

Personal Training is a very flexible and more personal way to reach your specific goals - you decide how many times per week you would like to workout, how long you want to train for each time, and where you would be most comfortable working out...

This is the perfect option if you... 

  •  are nervous about exercising in front of others
  • don't like working out in a gym environment or find the gym boring 
  • are stuck in a rut
  • have tried every different fad diet out there and are ready to see long lasting results 
  • cannot attend classes due to work and personal commitments 
  • are struggling with motivation and willpower 
  • feel tired, ethargic and don't know where to start
  • need flexibility and different options 
  • need someone to hold you accountable and ensure you are staying on track

Personal Training sessions can be face to face or online and are fully flexible to suit your needs.

If any or many of the above points apply to you simply click the button below to find out more and I will send you the details. 

YES - that is me

Group Personal Training 

There is also the option to train with a small group of friends and/or family members - this works well if your goals and availabiity are similar or the same and enables you to share the cost of training between you.


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