(Photo taken at week 4/12 on course 3.0)

Here are some of the benefits programme graduates have reported:

  • Improved fluid intake (including type of fluid!)
  • Feeling less pain in my legs and knees
  • Improved "snacking" habits
  • Weight and cm losses
  • Improved belief in myself
  • Dropped 2 dress sizes
  • Found a plan that I can finally stick to for a long time
  • Feel so much more confident and happier
  • 18.5 lbs fat loss
  • 19 inches lost from arms, chest and waist
  • I can run 3km without stopping
  • Fitting into my jeans again
  • Feeling proud

Here's what one of the ladies on a previous course said:

"Totally recommend the 12 week mind and body transformation.

I’m on my 8th week of the programme and have steadily lost a pound a week .

I struggled with it all at first having done most of “the diets” going. Guilt was my issue.

Stef on many occasions , when I called upon her help made me realise I can still eat and not feel the guilt.

My mental health has improved so much and all my aches and pains are going.

Stef is always there for you and tells you like it is, no pretend and no false info.

Quite honestly don’t want to finish the programme. I’ve never felt so committed and good about learning a new lifestyle change.

Thank you Stef x"

(Photo above taken at week 8/12 on course 1.0)

Mind + Body Transformations


Has 2021 started out how you expected?

Has the doom and gloom of lockdown derailed your New Year motivation to improve your health, habits and body shape?

Make 2021 stronger - I want to help you achieve the body you dream of, energy levels which seem a distant memory, confidence you envy in others..

And ULTIMATELY find the woman you have
lost at some point along the way

I am looking for 10 ladies who need help with:

  • Excess Body Fat
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Finding Time To Look After Your Health And Fitness
  • Finding The Person You Used To Be (and know is still in you somewhere)

And it costs less than your Daily Costa Coffee habit....

Here are the details you need>>>

  • We will work together for 12 weeks focussing on improving your body shape, confidence, motivation and energy levels 
  • Step by step, day by day support and mentoring to guide you through the process of transforming your body and mindset.
  • High-Impact accountability and check ins to make sure you do what you said you would 
  • Private members area so you get access to ask any questions and receive coaching from me
  • 12 weekly powerful training sessions to change the way you think about yourself and your capabilities
  • You’ll learn how to improve your eating habits, shape up your body and mind, and how to pick yourself back up when motivation dips
  • You will be part of a positiveempowering & supportive environment that’ll fill you with confidence
  • Instant and LIFE TIME access to the above trainings so you can listen back at any time for inspiration

And a whole lot more...

The total cost for all of the above is just £247 (You will spend more in 12 weeks on coffees, takeaways and wine)

I’d LOVE to work with you



"I rolled into my fifties overweight, unfit with limited flexibility, I decided to get in shape.

Over the last four months I have attended a variety of Stef’s classes and have seen massive improvements. Stef has truly got the knack of designing her routines to tone every part of the body!

I’ve learnt to work through what appeared the unachievable with Stef’s support and encouragement.

I’ve been through a journey of feeling a complete failure unable to do one sit up combined with feeling physically ill when doing limited exercise to a whole new fitter me.

I would never have kept going if Stef had not checked in with me the mornings after the initial boot camps or the support provided by those in Stef’s community.

I highly recommend Stef, she always has time to listen and advise, you also have fun!"


"The results have been fantastic!

I now have more tone and muscle definition in my arms and shoulders, my "bingo wings" have gone and I can do actual push ups on my feet instead of my knees!

My legs, bum and tum are definitely feeling trim and the mythical flat belly which seems so elusive is pretty much in sight now.

Stef is a warm, friendly, down to earth, personal trainer and I can highly recommend her"

Liz N

"I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Stef‘s got a great attitude to fitness, it's really refreshing.

Each session is positive, motivational and fun and you train with a great group of people.

At the end of every session you come away with that ‘job well done’ feeling and I’ve benefited in so many ways from all her classes.

If you’ve ever been unsure where to start when it comes to fitness and well-being then Stef strikes just the right balance."

Sharon S

(Photo taken at week 4/12 on course 3.0)