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Hello I’m Stef, welcome to my website.  

Firstly I would like to tell you a little bit about me and explain where it all began and why I am here

I had never considered a career in the fitness industry as I was never naturally fit and strong or athletic in any way. During my school years I hated PE and would come up with every excuse under the sun to get out of the lessons. 

Then at 16 years old I decided I wanted to join the Army and suddenly I had to start training to pass the tests required to join up. I was not a natural at running and could not manage a single press up so I had a lot of work to do! 

During my time in the Army I discovered a love for proving people wrong! I took on challenges including 100 mile march in 4 days around Nijmegan and surprised the people around me a great amount. 

After leaving the Army, getting married and moving to Germany I found the huge change a big shock and put on weight (around 2 stone the heaviest I have been in my life) and felt very isolated - I had a free gym a few miles down the road but didn't dare go there as I felt fat, self conscious and worried everyone would be staring at me. 

I eventually found my feet after finding a good job and getting back into running. I decided to then sign up to my first ever half marathon and a friend introduced me to Spin classes and I got the bug! 

I decided to train to become a Group Cycling Instructor, which then led onto training to be a Fitness Instructor, followed by my PT course along with Exercise Referral, Pre and Postnatal, and Older adults. I took on some free clients to gain experience while I studied and found the career change to be extremely rewarding – I loved showing people how to get fitter, stronger and more confident in a gym environment.  

In 2012 I started up Fit-Ease Personal Training and Group Exercise with an aim to help men and women of all ages to improve their fitness levels, body shape, health and wellbeing - through bootcamp and circuit style classes along with one to one personal training. Between 2012 and 2014 I trained lots of lovely ladies and gents in North Wales and Northern Ireland.

In 2014 my family made a final move to North Lincolnshire where the bootcamp classes and personal training sessions received a positive welcome and continue to see new faces on a regular basis. 

The business has evolved over the years and it seemed right to update the identity to Fit-Ease Health, Fitness and Wellbeing adding lower intensity Chair Circuit classes to the programme and focus more on helping people of all ages and abilities make positive changes to their lifestyle to become healthier, fitter, stronger and maintain better habits for life

I hope to help as many people as I can by providing different options and ideas for people with different needs and backgrounds – feel free to browse the different options I currently offer on the “classes” and "personal training" tabs and I am always open to suggestions if there is something you would be interested in which is not currently available.

 If we haven’t met yet I hope to see you at a one of my classes or training sessions in the future.  

Let's get started.

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